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Chaim Steinhart


For the first time in the UK, on Thursday evening 20th February 2020, ליל ששי פרשת משפטים – שובבי"ם הבעל"ט we will gather in the Yesodey HaTorah Hall, and in unity we shall finish 4192 Mishnios, 525 Perakim, the entire ששה סדרי משנה. Together all as one, under one roof, in one hour.

I am fortunate enough to take part in this spiritual and historic evening and have undertaken to raise a minimum of £395.00 - the Gematria of both משנה and פרנסה.

The evening is in aid of “Kol Bonaich” – helping teens at risk, kids in pain headed by R’ Osher Shapiro son of the Naroler Rebbe Shlit”a

Please join me by sponsoring towards my goal. Your name will be linked to this powerful evening, as well as the zechusim generated by our learning of the entire ששה סדרי משנה with all the resultant brochos.

On behalf of “Kol Bonaich” and myself I thank you for your gracious involvement in this endeavour.


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